Individuals are issued with a card containing a unique reference no which is solely assigned to them. Details can only be verified by companies or other sources which are registered with UcanVerify. The individual controls the information which can only be viewed upon presentation of the card or by quoting the unique reference no. There are also additional security measures in place to protect from ID fraud.

The system would work on a similar aspect providing the ability to confirm an individualís credentials for vulnerable persons, proof of age, supplementary proof of ID to support bank or credit cards.

The system has the added advantage of only providing minimum information required and is not accessible to people who are not registered users.

Greater confidence for individuals and business to confirm ID and more secure than other alternative systems.

Please contact UcanVerify for more information.

At the blink of an eye, UCanVerify is registered with the Information Commissioner
as Data Controllers under the 1998 Data Protection Act.